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ou might be enthusiastic about getting back into the swing of things after months of bodyweight-only workouts, but you’re only going to end up injured if you go too hard,

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Food Rescue
Some stark stats coming at you: every year, 1/3 of all food grown in the world is wasted; in the UK, 3 MILLION TONNES of fruit and veg is wasted before it has even left the farm; and if food waste was a country, it would be the THIRD BIGGEST emitter
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Free Spirits
£24.95 (70cl), Worth buying for the bottle alone, but with plenty of flavour to match, Sea Arch is the standout spirit we tested. It’s made up of six distinct and distilled botanicals – sea kelp, juniper berries, cardamom, angelica
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Master Your Mind
Meditation is a big thing for me. I use a layman’s app called Headspace and do 20 minutes of meditation once a day. Just getting some perspective and balance, and having that knowledge that you are not controlled by your thoughts or your emotions, is