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Lockdown threw us many challenges, but it also forced us to slow down, examine the way we live our lives, and put greater importance on our health. So, as we begin to move forwards and establish a new normal, how can we avoid falling back into our regular hamster wheel lives, and cling on to the valuable lessons we have learned? ‘Human beings have an innate ability to adapt, so many of us developed positive new habits during lockdown’, says leading psychotherapist and founder of headucate.me, Mark Newey (

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Women's Fitness2 min lettiBiology
How Can I Lower It?
While some folk may be able to knock a decade off their chronological age through measuring their BMR, if your metabolic age is higher than your years, you may feel quite deflated. Luckily, our panel of experts have uncovered plenty of things you can
Women's Fitness5 min lettiMotivational
"I Love Motivating Others,,
Andrea created Xtend Barre in 2008 in order to combine the benefits of dance with Pilates and cardio for a heart-raising, core-improving diverse workout. Xtend Barre for Openfit is a 30-minute stream-at-home version of Xtend Barre, her popular studio
Women's Fitness3 min lettiBiology
What’s your METABOLIC AGE?
Resolved to whittle your waistline in 2021? You’re not alone – YouGov data shows that nearly 50 per cent of us vow to lose weight in the new year. This year, there’s a huge impetus to get slim, thanks to reports showing that being of a healthy weight