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Many, many moons ago, I worked in a basement kitchen in west London, just off Portobello Road, on Lancaster Road. The place isn’t there any more, but it was a restaurant run by a man named Alastair Little.

Alastair Little was one of those cooks who bucked the trend, along with the likes of Fergus Henderson and Gary Rhodes. He was doing his own thing and doing it well. While everyone else was towering things up

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Cheetah (acinonyx Jubatus)
Famous as the fastest animal on earth, able to reach a top speed of close to 60mph, the cheetah once had an extensive range in both Asia and Africa. A few individuals are rumoured to still occur in southern Morocco, Algeria and Egypt, while a tiny re
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To Do This Week
Try calling crows. As the corvids get more territorial, they may become easier to call in. Use of electronic calls is illegal, but handheld crow calls can be used to equally deadly effect. Like any form of crow shooting stealth and fieldcraft are ess
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Keeper Of The Month
Speak with a dozen gamekeepers about various aspects of their jobs, from rearing and releasing to predator control and driving birds, and they’ll all have their own way of doing things. But the best of them tend to share common goals that go much fur