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The six puzzles on this page are solitaire versions of the classic paper-and-pencil

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Games World of Puzzles3 min letti
Cryptic Crossword 1
Each clue in a cryptic crossword has two parts: a definition of the answer and an indication of the answer’s literal makeup via wordplay. Either half may come first; finding the dividing point between the two parts is the key to solving. On page 61,
Games World of Puzzles1 min letti
Helter-Skelter is a crossword variation in which the answers interlock in any of eight different directions. To solve, write the answer to each clue starting in its numbered square and proceed in a straight line toward—and if necessary, beyond—the ne
Games World of Puzzles6 min letti
The Fascinating History of Michael Borys
Michael Borys has always been intrigued by locks. As a youngster, he studied his locker padlock, wondering about the mechanisms inside that were complex enough to keep strangers out but simple enough to be quickly defeated by those who knew the combi