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FEELING overstretched?

Have you been feeling mentally drained, weepy, anxious or extra sensitive lately? It could be that your emotions are getting the better of you. Perhaps you’re worried about a family member, your job, your relationship, or fed up with the whole Covid-19 situation and what’s happening in the world right now. You most certainly are not alone.

‘Emotional overload is a state where you feel overwhelmed by your feelings,’ says psychotherapist and sensitivity expert, Julie Bjelland. ‘It’s normal to feel like this occasionally, especially if you’ve got a

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The 30 DAY challenge
Yoga and Pilates personal trainer Caroline Sandry has included seven moves to help improve your flexibility gradually. Set the timer on your phone to count the seconds. ‘These classic moves help open your chest and shoulders – for great posture – as
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Your Health
✢ Smart ways to cut your cancer risk and boost your health ✢ Discover the new health supplements that do everything from soothing stress to boosting immunity ✢ One woman’s brave recovery from brain tumours ✢ Beat aches and pains with our expert healt
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The Moves
Extend one leg straight back behind you, keeping it straight, heel high, and energy pressing through the ball of the foot to engage your glutes (the muscles in your bottom). Holding onto your light weights, reach your arms forward at shoulder height