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MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Gaming X Trio
$899 | Nvidia’s RTX 30 series is further fleshed out with the release of the highly anticipated RTX 3060 Ti. While most of us lust over cards like the RTX 3080, we need to remember that they cost a lot in relative terms. Most gamers spen
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HOW TO Tag Your Media With Kid3
Choose File >= Open to select all your audiobook’s files and click Open – they should appear highlighted in blue. Tick all the tags that will apply to all tracks: Album Artist, Artist, Album, Date, Genre and Composer, and fill in each field. Add your
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Hackers Used Crypto-mining Software To Avoid Detection
Microsoft has highlighted a growing trend of state-sponsored hackers disguising themselves as financially motivated hackers, rather than being motivated by espionage. The company illustrated this by sharing from the Vietnamese group BISMUTH (via ZDNe