Ask a group of Canadians to name at least one thing that is Canadian, and nature will certainly be mentioned. In a country that spans from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west, consists of thirteen provinces and two territories, speaks two official national languages, and is considered to be one of the most multicultural countries in the world, it is almost impossible to find something that unites everyone. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that natural resources such as plants, animals, rocks, and the woods tend to represent Canada.

The best-known group of Canadian painters, the iconic Group of Seven, was enamoured with the rugged outdoors of Northern Ontario.

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Clara Murillo Pinto
My mother and father are from Piura in the north west. My father was an ice cream seller and my mother was a housewife. They had eight children. During the summer holidays, they sent us to boarding school, which was run by nuns. I lived at boarding s
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All In A Wish
I am originally from Peru, born in Lima, the capital. Peru is a country of contrasts defined by three different regions. The coast, which is where I am from - barren, dry desert with little vegetation beside the rivers, grey and cloudy skies, barely
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Celebrating The Womankind Community All Wrapped Up
I became very aware about eight years ago that I was about to become an empty nester. My youngest was off to university to study Fine Art and all our lovely creative conversations would be temporarily over. My husband owns his own all-consuming busin