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From Perfect to Poverty…and the Lesson-Filled Journey Back

From Perfect to Poverty…and the Lesson-Filled Journey Back, by Rhiannon Rees. Photograph of inside of tent looking out by Tarn S.
Photograph by Tarn S

A woman’s journey takes her from fairytale to utter collapse and life in a tent, but she discovers her power to reclaim her authentic self and rebuild her life

Cold feet.

I seriously had cold feet again… and not because I was about to get into a relationship or baulking at some massive life milestone. I had cold feet because they were standing on wet grass outside the door of my tent early in the twilight hours of the morning.

While I was sipping a warm tea that I had just made on the portable campfire. I was contemplating my day by running through a sort of “to-do” list in my head. Given that I was homeless and living in a tent with my toddler son and relying on food bank hand-outs to feed us, my situation was not something that I had ever in my wildest dreams imagined.

That’s why my feet were cold…and wet, too.

How had things gotten so bad? I had a degree, was from good middle-class stock, went to a good school, my father was a doctor. So, how had I ended up here?

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