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The 7-meal miracle!

magine prepping just. But really, you can pretty much just wing it using these basic directions. Dig in!

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Men's Fitness South Africa2 min letti
Mega Beauty Babe
Biogen Ambassador, Pasella presenter and a former Miss South Africa finalist, Mishka Patel has achieved incredible success at a very young age through persistent hard work and a positive and winning attitude. Read on as she describes just how your mi
Men's Fitness South Africa2 min letti
Step Right Up
Your mom’s antiquated spring-loaded home scale isn’t the most accurate or best way to measure progress. If you like the way your body looks, but the scale flashes a higher number than expected, it can seriously mess with your head. That said, mining
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Membership Has Its Privileges
On the fence about joining a gym or going it alone? Sign on the dotted line. In a new study from Iowa State University, USA, 75% of subjects who were gym members met the US guidelines for physical activity (at least 75 minutes of vigorous or 150 minu