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WHAT’S YOUR BODY trying to tell you?


White spots (leukonychia) are usually caused by a knock to the matrix or root – the growing part. They can also be due to a mild zinc deficiency, dehydration or a fungal infection.

WHAT TO DO: Protein and fatty acids in almonds and avocado strengthen, while biotin (vitamin B7) in eggs helps growth.


‘If the length of your cycle varies by more than

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Belinda Says
When I first lost my job in March, it was easy to lose track of the hours, days and even weeks. So, when Jude told me she was documenting local people’s stories, I volunteered to help. It was clear that seeing how others were coping in the pandem
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Afraid To Ask?
Q For the past couple of days, every time I wee it looks quite pink. It doesn’t hurt and I am otherwise well. I googled my symptoms and am terrified I have cancer. I’m scared to ask the doctor. A Please do speak to your GP. Pink urine may be due to
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I Had Two Babies FOUR Months Apart!
Amanda Webb, 41, Brisbane, Qld Scanning the room, I was racked with nerves. After getting all dressed up, I’d made my way to the local tavern for possibly the most important meeting of my life. Could she be ‘the one’? I wondered. Though it felt l