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Your summer health PROBLEMS SORTED


These can frequently be cured without going to see your GP.

We’re covered in germs, including yeasts and fungi, which love warm, humid conditions. Infections are rarely serious, but can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. You can often treat them yourself with home remedies and advice from your pharmacist. Avoid steroid creams, which can worsen fungal infections, although doctors occasionally add steroids to antifungal creams to relieve severe inflammation. If symptoms are severe, or last more than a week or two, see your doctor to check the diagnosis, rule out more serious conditions and/or obtain more effective, prescription-only treatment.

Nail infections

Thrush (candida, yeast) infections are more common if your hands are often in water. They can get under the nail bed and produce ridges or painful red swelling, sometimes with bacterial infection and pus. Antifungal cream or tablets, antibiotics or

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