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Robert C. Koehler: Election theft and the reluctant democracy

As election 2020 draws ever closer, the flawed, easily gamed nature of the American quasi-democracy becomes increasingly visible, thanks, of course to Donald Trump, our fuhrer wannabe, who sees no need to hide his contempt for any result in November other than his own victory.

Election theft could well be looming, in a number of ways, and it’s crucial to look at them. But first, I feel the need to point out that the theft is already well underway. Indeed, Part 1 is already finished. Have you noticed? There’s no candidate with a progressive vision in the race, even though public demand for such a candidate — Bernie

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Truths about Donald Trump dissipate quickly in middle America. Regardless of political affiliation, people are far enough from the D.C. political world to be more cognizant of the day-to-day struggles brought on by COVID-19, than to be consumed with
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Leonard Pitts Jr.: We Give A Damn Too Late
LOS ANGELES - We gave a damn too late. Sometimes, I think that will be the legacy of this generation. Or maybe I’m just tired of seeing people walking around without masks as if a pandemic had not taken almost 200,000 American lives. Then again, it