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Lost Coast Plant Therapy

Natural plant wash protection for your garden and house plants.

Safe and effective plant based, organic, natural and non-gmo ingredients that work by suffocation and dehydration of soft body insects, mildew, mold and fungus.

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Garden Gate2 min lettiArchitecture
Tapestry Under a Tree
Are you tired of struggling with lawn under a large shade tree? Me, too. With dramatic fall color, this 18-year-old red maple is a striking asset in my front yard. But there are large and extensive surface roots that make it difficult to grow grass.
Garden Gate2 min letti
From The Editor
Every year starts with such good intentions. This is the year I’ll tame my borders: Get rid of the spindly perennials, those that are elbowing others out of place and those that just don’t seem to fit. I’ll stop acquiring single plants and tucking th
Garden Gate1 min letti
Compost It
Fall leaves Straw Dead flowers Shredded newspaper Sawdust Dead brush and twigs Pine needles Grass clippings Plant-based kitchen waste Barnyard animal manure Coffee grounds/filters/tea bags Fresh garden trimmings Dog or cat feces Disease- or insect