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No./ 12 When Time Travel Gets Trippy
The idea for Synchronic , the fourth film from filmmaker team Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, first began germinating in 2015. “Apparently, physicists are pretty well decided that time is not linear in any particular way,” Moorhead explains. “It’s
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SO JAMES BOND will not return. Sean Connery, the true original, is gone. And only now do we realise what he gave us. Shaped from the start around his cat-like moves and that steady, amused voice (with a lovely salting of Scottish), Connery wasn’t the
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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
Nick de Semlyen: It takes some special qualities to eclipse Johnny The Monkey, Kazakhstan’s most legendary simian porn star, who sidelines as the country’s Minister Of Culture. But Tutar, played sensationally by Bulgarian newcomer Maria Bakalova, man