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The strap line of the Musicians’ Union logo proudly proclaims ‘Keep Music Live’? However, I might suggest that you have not experienced the oxymoronically rich phrase, ‘Light Entertainment’. On a good day, it’s a painless way to earn a living, after you’ve filtered out the 12-hour shift, the endless rehearsal and the tension of the performance itself. But that’s why you’re paid the medium bucks. No, my friends. It’s what occurs when it’s very far from alright on the night that evokes less than favourable comparison with the horror of war, or the fear

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Get The Tone
Alex used his Kiesel‘Little Bastard’headless guitar (bridge pickup) into a Fender Deluxe Reverb ’65 Reissue amrp. His rich distortion is courtesy of a Tube Screamer set at 8 into a RAT pedal set at 3 for extra colour. Reverb is an MXR pedal set at 4.
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Gt User Guide
Each transcription is broken down into two parts... MUSICAL STAVE The five horizontal lines for music notation show note pitches and rhythms and are divided by bar lines. TAB Under the musical stave, Tab is an aid to show you where to put your fin
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The James Gang
The James Gang formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1966 and featured Joe Walsh on vocals and guitar, Tom Kriss on bass and Jim Fox on drums. Dale Peters replaced Kriss for the subsequent two records. Originally Ronnie Silverman also played guitar, but in 19