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Heart Of Steel
WHEN YOUR VOICE is as strong as Ben Harper’s, it’s only natural to sing with all your heart, all the time. How many other guitar aces could fathom winning a gospel Grammy singing with the Blind Boys of Alabama? So maybe it’s not crazy to consider how
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“Far Beyond the Sun”
THE ARRIVAL OF Rising Force, Yngwie Malmsteen’s 1984 debut album, gave birth to a new genre known as neoclassical metal. Of all the album’s tracks, “Far Beyond the Sun” best demonstrated the guitarist’s unprecedented technical chops and melodicism, c
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Opening Notes
I enjoyed Tony Bacon’s tale of Eric Clapton’s missing Beano Les Paul in the March issue. That’s a thorough bit of investigative work, and the rare photos of Clapton with the guitar in hand were the crowning touch. That guitar has got to be out there