What Doctors Don't Tell You Australia/NZ


A s many states and countries are beginning to emerge from lockdown, media outlets around the world continue to dwell on the numbers: the total number of cases and deaths; the R numbers and whether individual countries have brought infection rates down to acceptable levels; a nation’s total stockpile of test kits and personal protective equipment; the number of businesses kitting out with all the new protective gear; the fresh totals of the unemployed and firms going to the wall as a result of the virus.

And, largely based on these numbers, we’ve

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What Doctors Don’t Tell You
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Drug News
Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is the world’s top painkiller—and it’s considered to be a safe remedy, available in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription. But exceed the recommended dose, and it becomes a dangerous poison, causing liver failure and
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The Truth About The ‘Silent’ Covid Carriers
Even if you don’t have any symptoms, you could still have Covid-19 and be a ‘silent,’ and potentially deadly, spreader of the disease. The specter of the asymptomatic carrier—the frightening idea that nobody is safe—has become one of the key drivers