Trail Run


Spring-time running along the stunning trails of the mighty Lake Taupō Yes, please!

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Trail Run3 min letti
Q & A White Rock Warriors
1. How did your group begin? Through a sad situation. We had two local runners attacked while out running. One young girl was my cousin’s friend and she asked me if I would run with her. The young girl was training for the Defence. I had a few other
Trail Run1 min letti
Ultimate Direction Fk Ultra Poles
Completing Delirious W.E.S.T. 350km in February sure would have been a whole lot harder without poles. From the 140km mark, Ultimate Direction’s FK Ultra Trekking Poles did not leave my hands. As my legs fatigued and keeping balance on the technical
Trail Run3 min letti
Coros Pod
With the introduction of the POD (Performance Optimisation Device), COROS has indicated a bias towards backing its engineers and innovation department. This completely on-brand move was not unforeseeable, given the constant requests online for the in