Lion's Roar


HE MAHAYANA VISION can be ornate. Worlds upon worlds appear, each with bejeweled pagodas, within each pagoda a buddha (often the same buddha appearing simultaneously in each pagoda in each world), flowers raining down, delicate scents, beautiful sounds, magical beings; lengthy hagiographic descriptions of these beings; pages of praise of Buddhas and bodhisattvas so over-the-top that Yahweh herself would blush to be addressed that way. When I first stumbled into this literature, it seemed impossible to relate to. What did this complex cosmology have to do with, you know,?

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Lion's Roar4 min letti
Loving-Kindness | May All Beings Be Happy
PRECARIOUS TIMES LIKE THE SE call for us to be quiet and listen to our hearts. According to its etymology, the word “precarious” derives from the Latin prefix prec, which means “prayer.” An especially potent form of prayer for times of crisis like th
Lion's Roar7 min letti
Erased No More
THIS TIME IT HAPPENED at the silent retreat. Even the know-it-all didn’t know it all. Even the big people falter. Even the teachers. It is so easy to surrender my intelligence to them, my own knowing to theirs. Smile and say, yeah, like I don’t know.
Lion's Roar3 min letti
Bodhichitta | The Heart of the Buddha
AT TIMES LIKE THE SE, when society is polarized and people feel insecure emotionally and financially, we long for connection with others—to know that we’re in this together and that we will take care of one another. Despite this longing, our self-cen