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THE lack of flower shows, both trade and consumer, will pretty well exclude all new plant launches this year. Novelty introductions are coming so fast and furious, it could well lead to a passing over for some good new garden plants.

We are also being

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Turn Up The Heat!
Star letter I LIKED the article by Lucy Chamberlain on the ‘Carolina Reaper’ chilli seeds (AG, 23 January). I grew 32 seeds last year and they were HOT HOT HOT! Got my favourite local Indian to use them and ‘wow’, what a sensation, the curry was some
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Crossword …just For Fun!
1 Potato root eelworm is the common name for the potato ____ nematode (4) 3 and 19 across, and 9 down: The subject of this week’s Miscellany! (6,6,3) 6 A plant will do this when it grows quickly and goes to seed (4) 7 This aloe is not a succulent, bu
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What’s Wrong With Daphne?
Q My winter Daphne (Daphne odora) ‘Aureomarginata’ is looking poorly and hasn’t flowered well this year. It is about 10 years old and 3ft (90cm) high. Other plants have grown up around it. Please can you help? Fiona Monkston, Cheddar, Somerset A This