Amateur Gardening

Feeding in midsummer

1 Feed lime-hating plants (azaleas, rhododendrons and blueberries) with ericaceous fertiliser, then fork and water it in. Sequestered seaweed feed also helps if the plants look peaky.

Whether they

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Amateur Gardening
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Focusing On Perennials
IN the world of gardening, few things are more satisfying than sorting out a long-standing niggling problem. The top end of one of the borders in our back garden had become thoroughly congested with perennials that had outgrown their space and were j
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Ask John Negus
John will reply personally to all your gardening questions every week Q Is it easy to take a cutting from a rose? I have an ‘Alec’s Red’ rose in the front garden and would love a second in the back garden. Grant Rivers, via email A I would like to sa