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The sound of a grunting buck chasing does through the dry leaves in the thicket in front of my stand gave me high hopes for the evening hunt. It was still two hours before dark, and my stand guarded the most likely exit route from the thicket as deer bedded there would surely make their way toward the ag fields behind me as evening drew near. I suspected the buck was a youngster due to the fact that it was still a full two hours before dark on a warm sunny day, and the rut was not yet on in full force.

Soon a band of does and fawns exited the thicket and slowly made their way toward my stand. I stared intently down the path the deer had used, expecting to see a young buck follow them. What happened next is a sight I will never forget. Out from the thicket stepped the biggest wild buck I had ever seen. His rack had more points than

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