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1 X-Bolt SF Max Varmint

RRP: £1,299

This new version of the X-Bolt is known particularly for its distinctive, 24in, semi-weight barrel, which allows superb

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Need To Know
Manufacturer Volvo Model XC90 T8 Inscription Pro Max power Petrol engine 303bhp, 400Nm of torque; electric motor 87hp, 240Nm of torque. Top speed 112mph 0-60mph (secs) 5.5 Emissions (g/km) CO2 63-76 Fuel economy combined 83.1-100.9mpg Towing w
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Call Of The Wild
Last Saturday was gloomy. At about half-past eight, I remembered, on seeing my boots in the hall, that I was meant to be shooting in Bedfordshire but COVID-19 had put paid to that. The day was going to be at a friend’s farm where we shoot most years.
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The Gloriousness Of Late-season Grouse
Everybody knows about the Glorious Twelfth. The very words seem to conjure up whimsical images of pointers in the purple heather; sunshine, gunpowder smoke and bottles of beer left to cool for lunch in some pretty beck or burn. The Twelfth is famous