Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

Riding kit ridden in, tools twirled and tyres tested


The first ever dual-mode helmet I wore was the Shoei Syncrotec back in 2001, and while it suited my needs at the time (I was on a BMW tourer launch in Europe), I soon reverted to a conventional full-face when going about my normal daily, biking business.

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics4 min letti
Buyer’s Guide Yamaha As3
Tank badges are rare, ridiculously fragile and invariably expensive – think £200-£300 a pair… if you can find them. They’re also one of the few Yamaha badges that are handed; there’s a small ‘L’ or ‘R’ cast into the backs. Engine case roundels are al
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics4 min letti
Rotary Club!
I remember friends waxing lyrical about the Dremel many years ago, but I didn’t really ‘get it’ for a long time. I ended up buying a rotary multi-tool for one specific job – removing the security screws from the back door of my printing workshop 20 y
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics6 min letti
Storm Warning!
As morning commutes go, it wasn’t the best. Riding along the A605 towards Peterborough I’d just overtaken an articulated lorry and was accelerating gently away when Mr. Muntjac Deer decided to cross the road. I did everything right: I didn’t look at