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1 Recognise that the overuse or misuse of antibiotics is a major cause of increasing antibiotic resistance.

2 Understand that antibiotics can

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How It Works2 min lettiBiology
Endangered Ferret Cloned For The First Time
Researchers have successfully cloned a highly endangered ferret species using cells that were frozen more than three decades ago. The adorable clone, named Elizabeth Ann, is a species of black-footed ferret, one of the most endangered mammals in Nort
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Meet This Issue’s Experts…
Marine biologist and PADI dive master Lauren has been leading the fight against plastic pollution for over ten years. She’s appeared on BBC Coast, Springwatch and other wildlife programmes. Andy is a freelance science writer based in Exeter, UK. He
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What’s On The Menu?
It’s no wonder that most rays spend a lot of their time on the bottom of the ocean, as it’s here that they can hunt down their food, which lives on, or within, the sand. With their squashed bodies, they can easily cruise along the seafloor with their