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Gunsmith of the Month: Billy Egleton
Billy lives and works in Rustenburg in the Northwest Province. He is a gunsmith, a dealer, collector and training service provider. Billy became interested in, and started to learn gunsmithing, while in the police in the late 1970s, and was then a Na
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Mauser African Twins
AROUND 1 5, HOPING to increase sales am African settlers and hunters, Mauser oduced the ‘Original Mauser Magazine Sporting Rifle, Special Afr can Type’. It had a 28-inch barrel (more correctly, 700mm) and its stock’s fore-end d nded three-quarters of
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The Unrecorded Elephant
A FRENCH CLIENT, Philippe Moritz, booked a safari with me to hunt a big elephant with a “beautiful pair of long tusks”. He knew nothing bout record books or the magical hundred-pounder elephant. Prior to his safari, I had met Philippe during a visit