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REGULAR MAGUM READERS may rec my 2-part article The .700 Nitro Express” which appeared in our November and December 2018 edit . It de ed American Bill stein’s conception of a new ultra-large bore cartridge in .700NE calibre and his long, arduous and costly mission to design and develop this unprecedented calibre and to persuade Holland & Holland of London to build him a Royal grade double rifle chambered for it. However, as is often the case in today’s magazine publishing world, there simply wasn’t space to tell the full story of how this historic event transpired. It actually stemmed from another of Bill’s projects – that of creating a matching set of four H&H double rifles. Here is their story.

Bill Feldstein, now more than eighty years young, has been a lifelong collector of British double rifles

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I enjoyed Gregor Woods’s article on the Baobab in the Feb 2020 issue of Magnum. He raised the question as to why red-billed buffalo weavers invariably nest on the west side of a baobab tree. Would it be that the prevailing winds come from the east, a
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Fools Rush In!
A FIELD NGER had seen a cheetah which a pe d to be trapped in an old fenced off are a at the rangers’ camp on the game e reserve’s boundary fence. Although it wa standard barbed-wire sto k fence, the cheetah was apparently having difficulty getting o
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The .500/.450 No2 Musket was once a very popular calibre in South Africa, commonly in the form of ‘Cape Guns’ – combination rifle/shotguns – but also chambered in single-shot rifles on Martini type tilting block actions. I have spent a lifetime in th