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Creating croquettes

Croquettes can be made of minced meat, fish, chicken or vegetables, usually arranged in a cylinder and coated with egg and breadcrumbs before frying. They are an incredibly diverse food with an almost limitless range of possibilities for you, but here are some of our favourite croquette creations: curried veggie croquettes; cheesy herb croquettes; lemon risotto croquettes with pesto; beetroot and feta croquettes; potato, chorizo and parmesan croquettes; mushroom croquettes with cashew aioli; leek and hot smoked trout croquettes; and almond croquettes.

Curried Veggie Croquettes

Recipe / Lisa Guy

These tasty croquettes make a perfect appetiser served with mango chutney. They’re also a great way to use up leftover mashed potato.

Serves: 4–5

4 medium potatoes, peeled & diced
¼ cup milk of choice
Pinch sea salt & pepper
2½ tbsp curry powder
½ small onion, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 carrot, peeled & finely diced
¼ cup corn kernels
½ cup finely chopped broccoli florets


¾ cup gluten-free breadcrumbs
1 organic egg
90g all-purpose gluten-free flour
½ heaped tsp sweet paprika

Boil potatoes until they are tender. Drain and mash potatoes with milk, salt, pepper and curry powder.

In a frying pan over medium heat cook onion, garlic, carrot, corn kernels and broccoli in a little olive oil until tender. Mix vegetables through mashed potato and place mash in the fridge to cool so it will be easy to handle.

You will need three small shallow bowls. Place gluten-free flour in a small bowl, 1 egg whisked in a little milk in another bowl, and then breadcrumbs mixed with paprika in a third small bowl.

Roll cooled mash into 2 tbsp balls and then place on a plate. Dip each ball in flour, then egg, and then breadcrumbs. Firmly press the breadcrumbs into the balls so they are well covered.

You can either pan fry the balls in a little olive oil over medium heat, until they are golden brown, or oven bake them. To oven bake your balls, place them on a baking tray and put them in the oven on 200°C for 10 mins, then turn and bake for a further 10 mins.

Cheesy Herb Croquettes

Recipe / Lisa Guy

These moreish croquettes have a warm cheesy centre with a crisp

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