ime to check in. How are you feeling? How have the past few months been for you? All of us, at times, have experienced WellBeing WellBeing

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WellBeing1 min letti
Relax And Retreat
Depending on the style of your retreat, caffeine, alcohol, high-sugar foods or meat may not be offered. To reduce detox symptoms like caffeine withdrawal headaches, avoid these foods for at least one week leading up to your retreat. Find out if there
WellBeing7 min lettiAgriculture
Seek A Low Carbon Diet
Doing better than we did yesterday is how we create a truly healing and healthy food system for us and our planet. I’ve had the great pleasure of interviewing many farmers and scientists at the forefront of environmental research. There is a minefiel
WellBeing8 min lettiPsychology
The Attraction Equation
Of all the mysteries science has attempted to unravel, among the most complex is what makes one person attractive to another. There are layers of evolutionary and environmental factors that influence what draws you to another person, so let’s dive in