History of War

28 JUNE 1098


Hugh of Vermandois’ vanguard of Norman and Flemish troops emerges unopposed from the Bridge Gate on the west side of the city. A force of Seljuk light cavalry archers showers the crusaders with arrows. Holding their shields aloft to ward off the arrows, the crusaders scatter the Seljuk archers. They

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History of War1 min letti
History of War
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History of War1 min letti
For this issue’s Frontline, Tom recounts how the Cuban Revolution escalated from a small civil war to the focus of the a superpower showdown (page 12). Also this month he spoke with Korean War veteran Roy Mills (page 42). Researcher and historian St
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Mi9 Evasion Service A History For In Of World Escape The Secret War And Two
Author: Helen Fry Price: £20 Publisher: Yale University Press In her latest book, MI9: A History Of The Secret Service For Escape And Evasion In World War Two, Helen Fry tells the fascinating story of MI9, an almost forgotten branch of the Secret Se