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Rethink Your Workout Routine
“I’m a 44-year-old grandmother. I’m weigh about 68 kilos. I work out three days a week, focusing on the upper body. My goal is to lose weight and sculpt muscle all over.” Congrats on being such an active grandmother! You’re working out often enough t
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Best Body Ever
Age: 39 Height: 1.7m Weight: 61kg Hometown: Tampa, FL Instagram: 2x_ms_olympia ERIN STERN MISSED qualifying for the 2008 Beijing Olympics high jump by three centimeters. Undeterred, she channeled her athleticism into bodybuilding, winning her first
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Energy Drink Overload
• THAT ROCKET FUEL you guzzle to power you through your workout could be the reason you’re feeling anxious later in the day or tossing and turning well into the night. A recent Spanish study found that while athletes who downed the equivalent of thre