Inside Ice Cream

Why do I have to shake it as it freezes?

Ice cream is a mixture of milk fats and proteins (from the cream), sugar slush, air bubbles, and tiny ice crystals. The key to smooth ice cream is to keep the ice crystals small. Mixing the

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Time To...Estivate?
Hot, dry weather can also make food hard to find. Estivation is hibernation in a hot climate. Animals that estivate lower their breathing and heart rate and don’t eat, just like hibernators. In Australia, burrowing frogs estivate underground until th
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Why Do We Sleep?
Sleep has puzzled people for a long time.Why do we lie down and zone out for hours every night? Isn’t sleep just a giant waste of time? Could we learn to do without it? Now scientists are beginning to answer some of those questions. They’ve discovere