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Badger by Dave Harden

Panasonic G9, 200mm, 1/125sec at f/2.8, ISO 5000

It's unusual to see good daytime shots of badgers. The lovely setting, attractive lighting and shallow depth of field combine to make this one a deserving picture of the week. Derbyshire-based Dave is a keen amateur photographer, mainly of wildlife and landscapes. He says, ‘The.

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Liam Wong’s Top 10 Low-light Shooting Tips
1 Try to find a strong light source. If you can’t find one, introduce one. I find that if you’re practising low light then the easiest place to start is to find a window that’s lit up at night because you’re going to find a way to expose that. 2 Put
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Why It Works
I captured these whooper swans just as the sun was sinking. The light levels were low, but the vivid winter sky and the visible sun meant that shutter speeds were fast enough to freeze the birds. The intensity of the sun was muted by a layer of hazy
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A Week In Photography
Welcome to the first Premium Edition of what I hope will be a better year. We’re getting off to the best start we can with an issue dedicated to low-light photography. We’ve got lots of great tips for high-ISO and long-exposure shooting, and for gett