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The shops are closed. You’ve scoured the web, clicking hopefully, endlessly, but you’re forever thwarted. It’s no use. No matter where you look, you can’t find any dumbbells. Goddamnit. You were supposed to get ripped during lockdown! You let out a piercing shriek, setting off a nearby car alarm. You can feel your muscles wasting away. You begin to weep. It wasn’t meant to be like this.

Then, over the wind, carried by the soft summer breeze, you hear two words: band training. If you’ve never considered resistance band training, let this

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Men's Fitness UK1 min lettiBiology
Big Question
The immune system’s response to exercise completely depends on the intensity and duration of effort. If you’re doing ‘moderate’ exercise – a steady run or a weights session – you’re going to benefit from both immune and metabolic benefits, including
Men's Fitness UK1 min lettiMedical
Editor’s Letter
Whatever your reason for reading Men’s Fitness, it’s not too much of a long shot to assume that you know all about the benefits of regular exercise. Even if it remains a bit of a slog, chances are you continue to keep fit because you know it helps yo
Men's Fitness UK6 min lettiMotivational
BREAKING the Mould
From weights-room advice, to practical workouts for putting talk into action, strength is a theme you will have seen a lot of in Men’s Fitness. But strength is about more than how much you can lift. There’s strength in forging your own path, in facin