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Warmth-loving tomatoes are enjoying the sunny days of August, growing enthusiastically in my polytunnel and outside at the allotment. Blight (Phytophthora infestans) can be a problem, especially if the weather turns damp because blight spores thrive in warm, wet conditions. Protect tomatoes grown under cover in greenhouses and polytunnels with careful watering of the ground only, making sure to keep the leaves dry (don’t use overhead sprinklers).

Removing lower growing leaves is beneficial, as is ensuring there is good ventilation by removing sideshoots and any trusses that have finished fruiting. If the tell-tale signs of blight do appear on your plants, cutting off the affected parts will enable the tomatoes to survive a bit longer. It is fine to eat tomatoes from blight-affected plants, although they

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Grow Your Own Loofah
The loofah is not just a body scrub you use in the shower - it has many other uses too, such as making great pan scourers. There are many other uses too, see page 86 for more ideas. The loofah is made from the dried inner fibrous part of the luffa fr
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6 Plot Plans To Save The Planet
Sow just a few annual flowers in the corner of your plot or in between rows of long-term crops such as brassicas and sweetcorn. Not only will you enjoy the colour on your plot, you will encourage and help pollinators such as bees, insect predators an