Amateur Gardening

A sun-worshipping daisy

THE African roots of this week’s sun-loving annual daisy are there for all to see when you come to sow them.

Although this Dimorphotheca –

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3 Stately Container Specimens
The Cape mallow makes a stately tender shrub for larger, more flamboyant container planting. Pink flowers will dot the plants from summer to autumn in sun or light shade. H: 40in (1m) S: 32in (80cm). For large containers, track down this classic and
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Crossword …just For Fun!
1 Potato root eelworm is the common name for the potato ____ nematode (4) 3 and 19 across, and 9 down: The subject of this week’s Miscellany! (6,6,3) 6 A plant will do this when it grows quickly and goes to seed (4) 7 This aloe is not a succulent, bu
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Tempting Tender Perennials
I ALMOST daren’t visit our local garden centre as winter turns to spring, because plug plants of tender perennials begin to arrive, full of green shoots and the promise of summer colour. My first instinct is to own and nurture these baby plants and I