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The winter chook needs and feeds

I have been keeping chickens for 30 years now. The 70 hens are divided evenly between two runs, with one rooster per flock. Most are red shavers, but I also enjoy my 10 bantam hens. Although they lay smaller eggs, I have customers who prefer these eggs.


Winter is a great time to set up a chook run and house if you’re thinking about getting chickens in the spring. I suggest purchasing point-of-lay pullets, which are about six months old and mature enough to lay. You need not fret if they don’t lay for a couple of weeks or more. They need time to get used to their new environment.

Because laying increases as daylight hours increase, you may wish to obtain your hens in late winter so they will be settled in by spring and can start laying as the days lengthen.

Check on your new hens in the evening to make sure they have all found their way

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