The new bird board game you should be playing

You play a bird call on your phone: Kweh kweh! You take a guess: grey go-away bird? Correct! You move your token forward. Like most board games, the aim of Bird Safari is to reach the final block as fast as possible. When it’s your turn, you have to identify a bird from a photo, or identify a bird call played on an app, or take a guess based on a teammate’s

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Cable Car Birthday Surprise
Many people are aware that you can ride to the top of Table Mountain in the cable car for free on your birthday, but the problem is that you might not be able to get there on the exact day. Good news! The special has been extended to include any day
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Hiking Camps
Stone units with thatched roofs. There’s a swimming pool. Two of the huts sleep four people each and are quite luxurious for a hike: Mojaji Hut has two bunk beds and a private bathroom; Tarentaal Chalet has a double bed, two single beds, a bathroom,
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Zipping Around In Knysna
The Garden Route has added a new attraction to its already adventurous repertoire in the form of a 2,2 km zipline over the Kranshoek Gorge in Knysna. Construction started in 2017 but came to a halt when the Knysna fire tore through in June that year.