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Seriously Funny
BRINGS LEVITY TO WAKEFIELD, ABC’S BOLD NEW MENTAL HEALTH DRAMA London’s lockdown has hit performers hard, but comedian Felicity Ward gets by with a receptive home audience – of one. “Having a baby is like doing a 12-hour stand-up show everyday,” she
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Wakefield’s Key Staff
The acting nursing unit manager, Linda, knows she and her staff have a lukewarm relationship at best. Unfortunately, she needs them on her side when she learns her job is being advertised. Highly respected psychiatrist Kareena may be new to Wakefi
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Brittany Murphy Her Bright Life & Mysterious Death
Six months after Clueless star Brittany Murphy died unexpectedly in 2009 at age 32, her ex-boyfriend and former Just Married co-star, Ashton Kutcher, told reporters he was more interested in remembering her spirit than speculating about her death. “I