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Heal Your Inner World
Once, I lied about owning a dog. Not only was this untrue – I have never owned a dog – the statement leapt from my mouth without warning! This event was weird and unsettling. It was also unfortunate, given that I was in the middle of a job interview.
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What fills your tank, and what drains it? This beautiful illustration is from the new book by Lisa Congdon, You Will Leave A Trail Of Stars. An artist, educator, speaker and author of several books, Congdon says: ‘Make space. Get enough rest. Be curi
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Politics Is Not A Fool’s Game
Would you consider yourself an activist? Are you politically engaged? If you had asked me a few years ago, I would have said yes. It helped that I worked in a news organisation, but I wasn’t just aware of the news, I was active in it. I went on march