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On The Hook
Your road to the Elite Series began as a co-angler in the Opens. Tell us about that experience and how it paved the way to the top for you. I did fish quite a few co-angler events for about four years. My strategy from the get-go was to figure out ho
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You Write The Caption
It’s your turn to write a cutline for your favorite magazine. Follow B.A.S.S. on Instagram (@bass_nation) and comment with a clever caption on this cartoon that will be posted on our feed March 29, 2021. If your caption is chosen, it will be printed
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Pro Tips For Fishing Wood Cover
Wood cover — submerged trees, logs, stumps, brush — is found in reservoirs, rivers and along the margins of natural lakes. Bass use wood as an ambush station from which to attack passing prey and as a “rest stop” during periods of inactivity. Here’s