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his isn’t Mario Kart – braking is essential to avoid banging into the sides of the narrow courses of the original . Ricocheting off the sides will cause your engine to

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Meet The Speed Freaks
Tempest is a spiky-haired kid with a love for rock music and heaps of enthusiasm. He drives a fast and heavy kart and can really dominate a race once he gets out in front, but getting hit by an item can be devastating as his acceleration is extremely
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A Tribute To Treasure
The Mega Drive had no shortage of exciting development teams during the late-Eighties and early-Nineties, but in our opinion, few studios could match the technical brilliance and sheer consistency of Treasure. The studio was started by Masato Maegawa
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From The Archives Monolith
When you try to imagine how the developers behind Blood, one of the most gloriously gory games of the Nineties, first came together, the last thing that springs to mind is a games studio known for titles like Millie’s Math House. Perhaps the placid n