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Slow Down On The Go


The founder of meditation studio House of Pause advocates taking time out to do things that are important for your well-being.

With more time on your hands now, keeping yourself on the move and being busy aren’t the only ways to feel productive. Instead, you should be more mindful of your body and focus on calming your senses, says Ferina Natasya Aziz, 32, founder of meditation studio House of Pause, which is also a guide to slow living.

“Many Singaporeans are resistant to slow living because they think of it as living life in ‘slow motion’,” she points out the misconception.

“Slow living is really about taking time to do things that are important to you, and to concentrate on those things.”

For instance, while working on your fitness is important, that doesn’t mean you should spend three hours on a HIIT workout.

Ferina says: “Many are going into autopilot mode and pushing their bodies during gym sessions just to feel that ‘high’ or that escape. But they fail to notice the subtle signs

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