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Cathy Wassell is a business coach and owner of Socially Contented. She’s also an autism advocate and the founder of Teen Calm, a subscription box for anxious teens (teencalm.co.uk).

Hate it when they go

I’m a single mum and my kids spend the weekend with their dad. I’ve never had a problem with it until he got a girlfriend. Now I can’t stand that she is there acting like a mum to my

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I’m A Datinh detective
Sitting in front of my laptop, I carefully scanned the investigative database. ‘Gotcha,’ I thought, as I discovered the true identity of my latest suspect. As a private investigator specialising in romance fraud, I was determined to put a stop to onl
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The Choice
Covering my eyes with one hand, I was too scared to look. ‘Please, please, please,’ I willed, holding the pregnancy test with my other hand. Peeking through my fingers, I gasped as I saw two blue lines. Creeping downstairs, I found my partner Jose, 5
Pick Me Up2 min lettiHappiness
Solve It In 7
Feeling down? Feel like you want to give up on your dreams? It sounds like you need to boost your self-esteem! Experts at www.powerofpositivity.com share ways to get started. Having positive relationships with open channels of communication is needed