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On Parquet Flooring
Parquet, a geometric arrangement of wood strips and shapes, dates to the Renaissance but is famously associated with the 17th-century palace of Versailles in France. After the Industrial Revolution, by the late 19th century, pieces were prearranged o
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Profressional Services
1. FRANK SHIRLEY ARCHITECTS They offer clients decades of experience in high-end residential architecture. Their approach yields elegant designs, sound structures, and satisfied clients. (617) 547-3355 2. DAVID HEIDE DESIGN
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Post-Victorian Houses
Low-slung and with exaggerated structure, the Bungalow was in its heyday (ca. 1898–1930) prized for its exotic, Anglo–Indian associations and for the artistic naturalism that tied it to Arts & Crafts. Popular 1893–1950 in most of the country, variant