dune buggies and hot VWs


SO, WHAT DRUMMED UP ENOUGH EXCITEMENT FOR 60 racers to enter the Fall Brawl at Redding Dragstrip? Part of it may have been the live “talk show” series that many racers participated

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Left for Dead
Back in 2015, a few VW friends from Vancouver Island decided they wanted to build a Bus to attend the Mt. Shasta Snow Trip. It sounded like Johnny had gotten a good lead on a ’56 Kombi about 900 km (560 miles) and a ferry trip away. Four buddies set
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It Was An Inside Job
The year was1966 and I had just purchased a 1956 Oval Window. It was to become my daily driver and the car I would become a Panzer with. I bought the car off an independent little car lot on Harbor Blvd in Anaheim, California. There were many of thes
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Valve Train Geometry Part 1
You can make a reliable and effective performance (or stock) valve train using near-stock parts. Here’s how to do some basic modifications to your parts to make them more reliable than ever! Back in the good old days when all of our parts were made