While you might not be able to get out and do your usual activities, it is good to keep moving and stay healthy. Here are just two things you can do that are great fun and good for you. Get practising and show off your skills to your family – and your friends too when you are reunited.

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Rupert Skelton
Rupert Skelton is an illustrator and animator currently based in Bath, UK. Working mostly from imagination, his highly distinctive style draws inspiration from the weird and wonderful with eclectic themes including architecture, people, nightlife and
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Fortune Telling Through Time
When drinking loose-leaf tea, some of the leaves inevitably stick to the bottom and sides of the cup. Tasseography involves ‘reading’ the shapes formed by these leaves to predict the tea drinker’s future – an angel, for example, means good news is on
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Gareth’s Joke Battles
First up, weighing in at thirty-five books including the bestselling World of Norm series, JONATHAN MERES. What equipment will you need to go camping in the year 3000? Future tents I wrote a joke about the future. No one laughed. But they will …