Spiritual Principles – The Basis for Developing Responsible ‘Individual Reality’

The term ‘responsible’, as used here, brings to mind three images. One entails ownership, that is, control over the item or action. A second entails accountability, that is, liability for an act. And a third entails duty towards others, that is, the awareness of how it will affect other people.

Based on this understanding of what responsibility entails, any serious thinker will have to admit that many of the crises faced by the world today, are due to the fact that the antagonists, in their analysis and conclusions, seldom take all three of these elements into consideration. On the contrary, in our increasingly narcissistic world, primary emphasis is given to control (that is, personal choice and rights), with less consideration for accountability, or the effect on others. What counts, is the degree of compliance that can be exacted.

After the previous discussions that suggest there is always a spiritual background to any crisis, and the idea that any crisis also offers opportunities for spiritual growth, a serious seeker may well ask: ‘How can I recognise the opportunities for regeneration or growth, that any of today’s crises offers me. And in so doing develop the ability to cultivate responsible realities’?

The first step on that journey must be a serious desire to discover and learn about the fundamental principles that govern life, because, as stated earlier, a crisis is a manifestation of the violation of these principles.

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