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Tips For Parents
Set some ground rules and talk to your kids about the benefits and the risks of being online, says Joburg-based social media law expert Emma Sadleir of The Digital Law Company. “The internet has no shallow end and once kids are online, they’re expose
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Money Laundering
HOW TO SAY IT: muh-nee | lawn-duh-ruhng This is when someone hides illegally obtained money by paying it into a company’s business account to manage it there, or depositing it into an overseas bank account so it can’t be traced locally. When you su
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A Few Of Our Favourite Things
I’ve been a faithful reader of YOU since its inception and a Monday isn’t complete should I have the misfortune not to find an issue in the shops after a hard day at work. I read it from cover to cover, then my young grandson and I complete the Spot