F1 2020

One of the most horrible parts of this coronavirus pandemic has been the stoppage of so many global sports. F1 didn’t even get through its first race, but on July 10 you will be able to right this wrong. The official game has just been announced, with legendary developer Codemasters revealing you will be able to

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Speak Up
wats up? My name is Ben and I’m your biggest fan. I have 65 Krash magazines and I still want MORE!!! My favourite parts of your magazine are Shame Shack, Freak Out, Cruise Control, GameSta, WWE Krash Klash, Newz and Speak Up. I would love it if the m
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Who Made The First Video Game?
One of our favourite readers, Charlie, asked us this question during the month and it’s an interesting history lesson for all gamers. Some people say the first game was released in the late 1940s byThomasT. Goldsmith, Jr., and Estle R. Mann. They cre
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Shame Shack
At school there was this girl in my class that I liked, so one day when we were going down the stairs I decided to try to impress her. I jumped down and when I was in mid-air I accidently did a huge smelly fart. Absolutely everybody laughed their hea